Act Now

Act now to help Afghan refugees.

If you are a recently arrived Afghan looking for support, please visit our resources here.

Tell Congress to Pass the #AfghanAdjustment

With the bipartisan introduction of the Afghan Adjustment in both the House and the Senate, now is the time to ask your Congressmembers to support this important legislation. 

To learn more and take action, click here.

Volunteer with a local resettlement agency.
Refugees thrive when their communities welcome them and are involved in their integration.

To find an agency near you, click here.

For additional way to help Afghan refugees, please click below.


Housing remains one of the greatest needs for Afghan refugees and their families. The organizations below offer ways that you can temporarily host and support refugee families as they resettle in the U.S.



Legal Services

Many evacuees will be coming under the designation of humanitarian parole and will need support to apply for asylum. 

Medical and Mental Health Services

Below are resources and ways you can offer medical and mental health services to incoming refugees and members of the Afghan diaspora. 


As Afghan refugees begin to arrive in the United States, interpreters and translators will be needed to help them speak with officials who are processing documents, offering medical care, and providing other services.
Below are opportunities for those who speak Dari or Pashto to help incoming refugees. 

Employment Services

Once the refugees are placed in permanent housing, they will need assistance and resources to find employment opportunities.