Resettlement Resources

Learn more about resettlement in and outside the U.S.

U.S. Resettlement Resources

Source: Switchboard [updated 23 August 2021]

Federal Policy and Resources

Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Policies

For the latest resources from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, visit the Policy Resources page.

Department of State

    • Afghanistan Inquiries

    • Refugee Processing Center, SIV applications

    • National Visa Center can confirm the status of pending visa applications. Need NVCSIV number, applicant's name and the date of birth listed in their visa app (for SIVs, that DOB may be different than the one listed on their national ID or passport).

      1. +1-603-334-0828; keep calling 603-334-0828 until you hear "Congressional line for the National Visa Center..."

      2. Go to for questions. SIV applicants should email

Cultural Orientation

  • CORE, Responding to Increased Arrivals from AfghanistanThis post includes tips on preparing staff and volunteers, answering questions, using trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches, and more.

  • CORE, SIV Stories: Starting Anew in the United States – This video series, available in English, Arabic, and Dari, is meant for Afghan and Iraqi SIV applicants who do not routinely have access to Cultural Orientation overseas.

  • CORE Resettlement Navigator (CORENav) Available in Dari, CORENav includes video, audio, and written resources on topics such as employment, housing, education, resettlement agencies, health, community services, rights and responsibilities, learning English, money management, transportation, and cultural adjustment.

  • CORE Settle In Mobile App, available in Dari, includes interactive learning opportunities across many content areas.

Economic Empowerment & Digital Inclusion

  • Switchboard, Employment Authorization Documents: Reference Guide for Refugee Service Providers – This reference guide covers the most important and commonly used work authorization documents required for employment in the United States, including for Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders.

  • Higher Advantage, When Serving Highly Skilled Refugees, You Don’t Need to Re-invent the Wheel! – Many SIV holders arrive in the U.S. with strong work histories. This blog post lists services and organizations that can support these clients.

  • IRC, Refugees@Work 2.0These employment skills videos, available in Dari, include Answering Customer Questions, Elevator Pitch, Professional Communication/Talking to Your Employer, Interview Skills, Reading Customers, and What is Customer Service in the US? They are designed to be used in a class setting.

  • IRC, Financial CapabilitiesThese videos, available in Dari, include Financial Resilience and Credit, Setting up Online Banking, and Filing Taxes Online.

  • IRC, Digital Literacy Basics These videos, available in Dari, include Phone Basics and Using the Internet, How to Use Zoom; Understanding Accounts, Logins, and Passwords; Using an Email Account; and Sharing Your Screen.

Resettlement Outside the U.S.

Trusted Information Sheets

Leaving Afghanistan - This is a detailed info sheet on visa and evacuation policies for many countries. Please look here if you are seeking options with any country other than the US.

EXIT SOS Afghanistan - This is another very good listing of info and contacts for many countries, including in Europe.

Immigration Relief for Afghans - These are organizations across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada which are endorsed by the Afghan Diaspora for Equality and Progress.

Specific Country Requirements

United States Resettlement Partners

Canada's Response to Afghanistan Evacuation

Uzbekistan E-Visa Process

Tajikistan E-Visa Process

Indian Emergency X-Misc Visa Process

  • The Indian embassy in Kabul can be contacted via phone and WhatsApp at +93 706 131 611 and +93 705 127 863

  • India is now introducing the electronic visa ‘e-Emergency X-Misc Visa’. Afghans can apply for a visa. The application can be submitted at The processing time is approximately 72 hours. It can be processed here as well: