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Evacuate Our Allies Coalition

Evacuate Our Allies is a coalition of trusted human rights, religious, and refugee organizations working alongside veterans and frontline civilians to evacuate, welcome, and support the resettlement of as many at-risk Afghans as possible.

Our Mission

The Evacuate Our Allies Coalition was formed in the wake of U.S. President Biden’s announcement of withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in April 2021. Our mission is to ensure the rapid evacuation and rescue of vulnerable Afghans who are at risk of persecution from the Taliban, and their prompt resettlement in the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, those eligible for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program.

Our History

In the wake of the Biden administration's announcement that it would withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan, the Coalition came together to encourage the Administration to create and execute a plan to protect the allies who fought alongside U.S. troops in Afghanistan over the last two decades.

The Coalition developed a strategy calling for the immediate evacuation of all persons who qualified for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program to U.S. territory and urged the Administration to bring all at-risk Afghans - including those not in the SIV program - to safety.

The Coalition has engaged with the Administration and civil society to facilitate this evacuation and resettlement of at-risk Afghans in the U.S. While August 31, 2021 was the withdrawal deadline for the U.S. military, the coalition will continue its efforts to relocate, welcome, and support the resettlement of as many vulnerable Afghan allies as possible.

To learn more about the Coalition's recommendations for the next phase of Operations Allies Welcome: view our report The Long Tail of Afghan Relocation and Resettlement

To learn more about the Coalition’s initial evacuation plan: view our plan.

To learn more about ongoing relocation efforts, visit #AfghanEvac.

EOA Steering Committee

EOA Operations Center

The coalition’s evacuation and resettlement efforts are supported by the EOA Operations Center. The Ops Center provides a central hub for 24/7 coverage of up-to-the-minute information, helping to facilitate communication across the evacuation pipeline and connect resources to people on the ground.

EOA Coalition Members

In addition to the Steering Committee organizations listed above, the following organizations have joined the EOA Coalition:

Member list based on organizations consenting to public listing as coalition members as of 7 September 2022.

Partner Organizations

EOA has partnered with the following coalition groups:

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