Join a cohort of leaders across the country encouraging our government to act.

Learn More: Evacuate Our Allies compiled a report - The Long Tail of Afghan Relocation and Resettlement - reflecting on Phase 1 of Operation Allies Welcome (August 2021 - April 2022) and providing a framework for future opportunities 

Take Action Now

Congress: Pass the 

Afghan Adjustment NOW

The bipartisan Afghan Adjustment has now been introduced in both the House and the Senate. The bill that would put the tens of thousands of Afghans arriving in the U.S. on a pathway to real and lasting safety. 

To ensure that Afghans find real, lasting safety in the U.S., Congress must pass the Afghan Adjustment, which would allow Afghan parolees to seek legal permanent residence in the U.S. 

Learn More: Evacuate Our Allies has put together a Fact Sheet on the Afghan Adjustment.

See this letter from 30 veteran service organizations (VSO) endorsement of the AAA’s passage in the NDAA and opposition to Senator Cotton’s S.2324.

Read the flag letter from American commanders of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan have called for the passage of the Afghan Adjustment and opposition to S. 2324.

In this letter, leading Afghan American organizations have called on Congress to pass the AA. 

Faith leaders across America have called for the passage of the AA: here, here, here, and here

A number of organizations addressing gender-based violence sent a letter to Congress asking for the immediate passage of the AA as it would benefit Afghan survivors and those at risk of gender-based persecution. 

Urge POTUS to Protect Afghans Who Have Been Left Behind

Join us and send a message to President Biden today! Urge the Administration to provide urgent humanitarian protections, including re-opening consular services, creating a pathway forward for Afghan allies currently in third countries, and establishing protections for the vulnerable women and children still in Afghanistan.

Learn More: Read Fulfilling America’s Promise, a report on how we can make U.S. humanitarian protection pathways viable for at-risk Afghans. Check out the report one-pager for a quicker read.

Our Petitions to the President and Congress

Letter to National Security Council Calling to Support Afghans at Risk (October 2021):

Advocacy letters to Congress urging support for Afghan allies in the FY2022 Continuing Resolution (September 2021):

Coalition Letter to President Biden (August 2021):

Advocacy letter to the NATO Secretary-General (June 2021):

Advocacy letters to the Biden Administration from constituencies in support of the EOA plan:

Current Campaigns from Partner Organizations

Amnesty International USA's Sign-On letter to President Biden and Secs. Mayorkas and Blinken, calling on them to (1) commit to admitting at least 200,000 refugees in FY2022 which starts Oct 1; (2) halt deportations to Afghanistan; (3) designate Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status; and (4) secure emergency funding from Congress for resettlement and humanitarian efforts. 

Catholic World Services' Contact Your Representative to call on the Administration to evacuate vulnerable Afghans to U.S. territory.

Afghans for a Better Tomorrow petition to President Biden, pushing for (1) lifted refugee admissions cap; (2) expanded P2 requirements; (3) pressure on third countries to drop visa requirements for Afghans; and (4) pressure on Pakistan and other neighboring countries to open their borders.

Previous Sign-on Letters from Partner Organizations

IRAP and OSF Sign-On Letter calling on the Biden Administration, working closely with Congress, to parole Afghan evacuees into the United States within the next 30 days. See the text of the letter and the sign-on form. [Closed 2 September 2021]

Amnesty International USA's Sign-On letter sent to the White House urging the Administration to continue the evacuation of At-Risk Afghans after August 31st. [Closed 26 August 2021]

Truman Sign-On Letter from national security officials, humanitarian workers, and human rights experts appealing to Biden Admin and Congress to save Afghan allies.  [Published 19 August 2021 -- see Axios coverage] 

Feminist Majority Foundation's Sign-On letter sent to the White House and Congress calling for additional resources to evacuate at-risk women and girls in Afghanistan. [Published 18 August 2021 here] 

Sample Letters and Template

U.S. Conference of Mayors Resolution 32: Calls for expedited processing of SIV applications and support for aid and resettlement organizations; declaring their cities are ready to welcome Afghan evacuees. Developed by TruSD and TruCO members, can be used as a template for other communities' resolutions. Email Walt Bishop (TruSD) with questions. [Updated 2 September at 1300 ET]

Women's Legislation Lobby: template for state legislators to write to the White House.

Women's Legislation Lobby: How governors, State, and local legislators and can support Afghan refugees and allies.

Veterans for American Ideals: Letters sent to individual members of Congress urging for the protection of Afghan allies who cooperated with the U.S. military.