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Our petitions to the President and Congress:

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Letter to POTUS

Click the button below to read our letter to President Biden urging him to keep our promise to support America's Afghan allies, military service members, and veterans.

Add your signature: Click on one of the buttons below to add your signature to our letter to POTUS as an organization, individual veteran, or concerned civilian.

Advocacy letters to Congress urging support for Afghan allies in the FY2022 Continuing Resolution:

Advocacy letters to the Biden administration from constituencies in support of the EOA plan:

Advocacy letter to the NATO Secretary-General:

Current Sign-on Letters from Partner Organizations

Amnesty International USA's Sign-On letter to the President Biden and Secs. Mayorkas and Blinken, calling on them to (1) commit to admitting at least 200,000 refugees in FY2022 which starts Oct 1; (2) halt deportations to Afghanistan; (3) designate Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status; and (4) secure emergency funding from Congress for resettlement and humanitarian efforts.

Catholic World Services' Contact Your Representative submission form calling on the Administration to evacuate vulnerable Afghans to U.S. Territories.

Afghans for a Better Tomorrow petition to President Biden, pushing for (1) lifted refugee admissions cap; (2) expanded P2 requirements; (3) pressure on third countries to drop visa requirements for Afghans; and (4) pressure on Pakistan and other neighboring countries to open their borders.

Previous Sign-on Letters from Partner Organizations

IRAP and OSF Sign-On Letter calling on the Biden Administration, working closely with Congress, to parole Afghan evacuees into the United States within the next 30 days. See the text of the letter and the sign-on form. [Closed 2 September 2021]

Amnesty International USA's Sign-On letter sent to the White House urging the Administration to continue the evacuation of At-Risk Afghans after August 31st. [Closed 26 August 2021]

Truman Sign-On Letter from national security officials, humanitarian workers, and human rights experts appealing to Biden Admin and Congress to save Afghan allies. [Published 19 August 2021 -- see Axios coverage]

Feminist Majority Foundation's Sign-On letter sent to the White House and Congress calling for additional resources to evacuate at-risk women and girls in Afghanistan. [Published 18 August 2021 here]

How governors, State and local legislators and can support afghan refugees and allies

Source: Women's Legislation Lobby

Here are the top 4 ways to take action:

  1. Send a Letter: Hold the Biden administration accountable by sending a letter to the White House. You can copy/adapt this template letter for state and local officials or governors. You could also consider sending a letter in coordination with other policymakers/legislators from your state.

  2. Invest Resources: Strengthen your state’s community response to welcome Afghan refugees and special immigrant visa holders by allocating state and local funds for refugee resettlement service providers. It is more important than ever to invest in community-based integration services for new arrivals. States across the country, like Oregon, Iowa, New York, and Vermont, have already committed state dollars for refugee services through the regular state appropriations process or using federal COVID relief funds.

  3. Issue Public Statements: Demonstrate that your state and locality welcomes Afghan refugees and allies by sharing press statements, issuing proclamations, and/or introducing welcome resolutions (if your legislature is in session). Feel free to use/adapt RCUSA’s press statement from August 16th, this digital toolkit, this messaging guidance, this social media guide, or this rapid response toolkit for sample social media posts, graphics, talking points, and more.

  4. Support the U.S. Resettlement Program: State and local policymakers are invited to sign this letter urging the administration to issue a refugee admissions goal of 125,000 for FY 2022. The form is open to signatures until September 9th, and the landing page will be periodically updated to reflect new signatories. Reach out to with any questions.

Guidance for how to help displaced Afghans outside the United States:

Thank you for your work, and please share this one-pager with your state and local contacts!

Sample Letters and Template

U.S. Conference of Mayors Resolution 32: Resolution calling for expedited processing of SIV applications and support for aid and resettlement organizations; declaring their cities are ready to welcome Afghan evacuees. Developed by TruSD and TruCO members, can be used as a template for other communities' resolutions. Email Walt Bishop (TruSD) with questions. [Updated 2 September at 1300 ET]

Women's Legislation Lobby: template for state legislators to write to the White House.

Veterans for American Ideals: Letters sent to individual members of Congress urging for the protection of Afghan allies who cooperated with the U.S. military.