November 1, 2023

EOA Calls for the US to Engage Pakistan on Their Forcible Removal of Afghans

NEW YORK The Evacuate Our Allies Coalition condemns the recent decision by the Pakistani government to forcibly remove over one million Afghan refugees, putting them at grave risk of retaliation from the Taliban.


The Evacuate Our Allies Coalition calls on the Pakistani government to rescind its decision and immediately halt all forced returns. Both history and current events show that forcibly removing populations creates cascades of damage. Instead, Pakistan should work with international partners to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable individuals facing deportation.


EOA urges the United States, in collaboration with regional partners, to immediately escalate diplomatic efforts to prevent the forced removal of Afghan refugees and find a comprehensive solution that respects the rights and dignity of those seeking protection and shelter while also addressing the geopolitical challenges contributing to their displacement.


Over 4 million Afghans have fled conflict and persecution to Pakistan. This abrupt removal action violates international human rights law and puts the lives of vulnerable Afghan individuals and families in immediate danger.


Afghans, including refugees registered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants, P1/P2 USRAP refugee referrals, children, and other vulnerable persons, will now be forced to return to Afghanistan, a country plagued by ongoing conflict and instability, where many face the likelihood of serious harm, torture, or death at the hands of the Taliban.


Evacuate Our Allies is a coalition of over 150 faith organizations, refugee and immigration groups, veterans and veteran service organizations, human and civil rights advocates, and Afghan American community organizations working to advance government accountability and action in fulfilling promises to provide safe passage, welcome, and protection to at-risk Afghans following the conclusion of the decades-long U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.